Uptime Monitoring
& Status Pages

Easy & reliable uptime and performance monitoring solution, with highly customizable and fast status pages.

  • Custom domains
  • Downtime alerts
  • Analytics included
Uptime track your websites, servers and ports availability with ease.
Keep track of your Cron jobs and make sure they are actually running.
Be transparent with your visitors and show display your monitors stats beautifully.
Get to know when & for how long your monitors became unavailable & get instant email notifications.
Uptime Monitor
Cron-job Heardbeat
Status Pages
Incidents report
We made 3,079,408 checks for a total of 68 monitors. We also host 22 status pages.
Ping Servers
Multiple locations
We check your monitors from multiple locations around the world.
Custom requests
Custom HTTP requests
Request method, request body, basic auth & custom request headers.
Custom Responses
Custom HTTP responses
Set & expect a certain response from your monitors.
Email notifications
Email notifications
Get instant notifications when your tracked services go up or down.
Easiest way to categorize your managed resources.
Custom domains
Custom domains
Connect your own domain or use our predefined ones.

Here's what people are saying

Senserver, where have you been all my life? Your uptime monitoring and status pages have revolutionized my online presence. Constantly being informed about potential disruptions has allowed me to stay proactive. The icing on the cake is their visually pleasing design and stress-free navigation. Say goodbye to sleepless nights!

Senserver is our top choice for server monitoring. Its accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly interface make it easy to manage and showcase our server status professionally. A must-have for any web hosting provider.

Senserver's uptime monitoring saved my e-commerce business countless headaches! Their detailed status pages and instant notifications ensured that I never missed a beat. What I love most is their sleek interface and user-friendly experience. It's like having a trusty companion watching over my website 24/7.


Answers for your common questions

Senserver constantly monitors the uptime and performance of your servers. It sends alerts in real-time if any issues are detected. The customizable status pages provide a clear and transparent view of your system's health, making it easy to communicate with both internal teams and external users.

Yes, absolutely! Senserver allows you to customize the look and feel of your status pages to align with your brand identity. This ensures a seamless and professional experience for your users when checking the status of your services.

Yes, Senserver caters to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, the platform's scalability and user-friendly features make it a valuable tool for maintaining a reliable online presence.

Yes, Senserver offers a free plan, allowing users to experience the platform's essential features at no cost. It's a great way to explore how Senserver can benefit your business without any financial commitment.